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Mandi- “The Owner.”  I’m probably in the top 10 most awkward people ever, and the very idea of sales pitches makes me nauseous. So why do I possibly own a fabric company?? Well, because after over 25 years of sewing I became a bit of a snob about fabric quality and needed unique fabrics, so I made it happen. Plus as tempting as it was to occasionally escape the constant chaos of having four kids by working in an office, working from home just made sense. From home, I can eat as much cookie dough as I want during the work day. (Not that that was a driving factor in being self employed or anything...) 

Andrew- “The Husband”, also found himself somehow looped into the business to the point he quit his job to come and help out. He now knows more about fabric than he ever wanted to, but does tons of behind the scenes work with fairly little complaint most days. Well… except that time I surprised him by making him do a live sewing tutorial in the Facebook group despite him not knowing how to sew. I don’t think he was nearly as amused by that as the rest of us were.



The Others

“The Kids”- They provide me with endless sources of design inspiration *cough*DEMANDS*cough*, from Starbucks to Bob Ross to race cars. Customers often find awesome child-created illustrations on their boxes featuring things such as “cookie people”, “spider tornados”, and “sunshines with 3 eyebrows because suns love eyebrows.” 

“The Wizards”- Did you know we have a team of fabric wizards? They take our design samples and magically turn them into insanely awesome inspiration for you all. Make sure you check out our listing photos for examples of this wizardry in action.

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