R29- Fab Faves- Chucksplosion Print

  • $25.00

This Collection is a PRE-ORDER! Estimated arrival is 8-12 weeks after close of round.

Cotton Lycra and Fab Fluff is sold inĀ 1 yard increments. WOVEN will be sold in 18" increments this time! šŸ„° As always, allĀ cuts will be continuous whenever possible!

Cotton Lycra:Ā 95% cotton, 5% lycra. 260-290gsm, 56 inches wide.

Fab Fluff:Ā has a luscious, silky low pile on both sides, and has 150% horizontal stretch and 25% vertical stretch. Envision double sided minky, but very stretchy and even softer!Ā 350-380gsm, printed area is 56" wide

Woven:Ā 100% cotton, 130-150gsm, 56" wide

Layaway available with codeĀ "3LAYAWAY".Ā Shipping and a NON REFUNDABLE 33% DEPOSIT will be charged at checkout, an additional 33% will be due onĀ January 1st,Ā and the remaining balance due on January 15th. Failure to pay on time may result in order being cancelled andĀ theĀ deposit will be forfeited.Ā