R23- Faux Denim- Red-ish

  • $25.00

Disclaimer. Colorwise, this is red...ish? In some lights it pulls cranberry red, in most it pulls more of a  rust red. My reds look way different between my computer screen and my phone screen so I wanted to add a disclaimer because this particular file seem to be more noticeably different screen to screen and picture to picture than usual. Its red. I promise. And a really pretty one at that!

Prices are per yard (56" wide, 36" long.) If purchasing multiple yards, they will be cut continuously.

Cotton Lycra: 95% cotton, 5% lycra. 260-290gsm, 56 inches wide.

Bamboo Lycra: 95% bamboo vicose, 5% lycra. 220-240gsm, 56" wide

Woven: 100% cotton, 130-150gsm, 56" wide

Athletic: 85% polyester and 15% spandex. 270-280 gsm, 56" wide. (think yoga pants fabric)

Swim: 86% polyester, 14% lycra. 220-240gsm, 56" wide.