R28- Watercolor Rainbow Doodle Stripe Print

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Cotton Lycra and Fab Fluff is sold inĀ 1 yard increments. WOVEN will be sold in 18" increments this time! šŸ„° As always, allĀ cuts will be continuous whenever possible!

Cotton Lycra:Ā 95% cotton, 5% lycra. 260-290gsm, 56 inches wide.

Fab Fluff:Ā has a luscious, silky low pile on both sides, and has 150% horizontal stretch and 25% vertical stretch. Envision double sided minky, but very stretchy and even softer!Ā 350-380gsm, printed area is 56" wide

Woven:Ā 100% cotton, 130-150gsm, 56" wide